• Shift Coordination is conducted by our qualified Recruitment Practitioners

  • Each Clients portfolio of staff is allocated to a dedicated Recruitment Practitioner also known as a Shift Coordinator.

  • The Shift Coordinator will be in regular contact with the Client to ensure shifts are filled

  • Staff are contacted by the Shift Coordinator, alleviate the Client form this time consuming tasks

  • The Recruitment Practitioners will also analyse the staffing portfolio and advise on contingency & succession planning

  • Should the client need contingency staff, such additional staff can be recruited by PayBreak.

  • The contingency staff can either be employed by PayBreak or the Client.

  • Employment of such staff by the Client is not mandatory as this increases the Administrative Burden on the Client.

  • In addition to recruiting and outsourcing the employment of Contingency Staff, Permanent Staff members of the Client can also be transferred into the employment of PayBreak to alleviate the Client of the Risk of Employment.


Outsourced Employment Services or Temporary Employment Services is a specialist Recruitment Industry service which requires an Employment Agency to be registered with the Department of Labour and be in possession of the rare Private Employment Agency Certificate 

As a Registered Employment Agency with such necessary certificate and credentials, PayBreak can performs various variations of Outsourced Employment Services:

  1. Outsourced Temporary Employment Services: The provision of Temporary employees for work for short periods of time, usually for relieving permanent staff on sick leave, maternity leave or annual leave and usually on short notice (a few hours in some cases). These Temps are the employees of PayBreak and not of the Client, therefore removing major employment responsibilities and administrative burden from the Client

  2. Contract Workers: Contract Workers or Fixed Term Placements are also not the employees of the Client. They are either the employees of PayBreak or Independent Contractors working for a specific time period or until a specific target has been reached.

  3. Transferring of Permanent Staff: Transferring of Permanent Staff from one employer to another, in this case from the Client to PayBreak is a cost effective way of keeping Quality Staff Members in your business while reducing your administrative burden. 


Shift coordination can consist of any combination of the following:

  • Day to day Rota / Shift Planning & Administration

  • Relief / Replacement Services

  • Disciplinary Procedures

  • Vetting of new candidates for Temporary of Permanent Work.

  • Temporary Employment Services

  • Clock-in & Clock-Out (Electronic of Manual)

  • Payroll Administration 

  • Temp to Perm

  • Fixed Term and Contract recruitment 

  • Temporary & Relief worker recruitment 

  • Background Checks: ITC, Criminal Record, Qualification & Reference Checks

  • Employment vetting services



Shift Coordination is a time consuming task which most middle managers love to hate.

Luckily PayBreak has been conducting Outsourced Shift Coordination for over 16 years for more than 160 different organisations.